GENERAL, what and why?

GENERAL, what and why?

Typical life on the planet has become hard, ruthless, anxious, »under pressure« ; because of hard work or lack of jobs, because of  monotonous routine, everyone has their own story. People fall into anxiety, depression and other diseases. They are trapped in the mind, without feeling themselves, trapped in a boredom, the same habits, the same empty entertainment, from day to day.

And there is no need to be so. For the starting point of the explanation, I will take a quote from Morpheus.

From the famous contemporary movie The »Matrix« we know the message – the Morpheus quote:

 »You are a slave…..
Like everyone else you were born into bondage.
Into a prison that you cannot
Taste or see or touch.
A prison for your mind…I’m   
trying to free your mind…But I
can only show you the door.
You’re the one that has to walk
Through it.«
Morpheus , The Matrix

 He shows us very sharpened cruel finding of condition of the human on a planet. But that’s the truth.

The cage of the “invisible jail” that Morpheus talks about is made of “invisible blockades” from all of Your incarnated lives on this planet, which are loaded in layers, like envelopes on the onion.

Blockades are what we call all the disturbances in the energy system of the human: deep emotional wounds, traumas, hereditary illnesses and behavioral patterns of our ancestors, deep fears, distorted upbringing patterns and programmed convictions, initiation structural promises, vows, oaths, spells, harmful biological chips in viruses and vaccines; on all levels – physical and mental. Everyone has internal “wounds” from their present and all past reincarnations, we carry them inside Ourselves and they are a part of the human experience.

Each “disturbance” slows down and changes the flow of energy, and the functionality of the body, the psyche and the spirit gradually decreases, vitality and the immune system weakens, diseases occur. If you remove (dissolve) blockages, remove the cause(s) of the disease, the organism regenerates itself and rejuvenates. The same goes for a poor living situation, which you are actually causing  essentially with your own “patterns” yourself, and when you remove them, the situation changes.

Basically, the blockades are the “invisible filters” through which You communicate (»react«)in this 3-dimensional (material) reality.

If the “disturbances” are Your fate and the”filters” is Your reactionary communication character, it is important only that You realize that You can change everything or at least something.

Each removed blockade changes Your energy, feelings and consciousness. When you dissolve most of the blockades (filters), You see a different view of life. You are no longer a “structured burdensome program from the past,” but You are Your own unique original, with lightweight New Energy, with unlimited potentials.

You detect senses that You never knew before; You feel the colorfulness of vibrations of higher consciousness and the depth of life. You feel that the joy of life stems from your inner core, as well as compassion. These are moments when you connect again with your “real human-divine nature,” with “I Am, I exist”. Life acquires depth and lightness, magic and simplicity, You feel all the ranges at once i.e. multidimensional perception,You have  an expanded consciousness. You live in the present moment, You have inner strength, You love and appreciate Yourself, You trust in Yourself, Your wisdom and Your intuition and Your potentials; You are in the Light algorithm. You feel the joy of inner fulfillment.

The mind becomes more flexible, more open, more clear, gradually able to adopt a multidimensional perception of life, up to a point.

But just the mind is the greatest enemy, the rebel and the doubter, who keeps you in the “prison” of 3D reality. The mind (ego) revolves only within the analysis of its abilities (inside the box). Since the mind has served us well so far, it is self-sufficient, self-evident, and does not allow the possibility that there is something more magnificent from it.

When the mind opens, it adopts the fact that there are other realities that can only be attained through higher consciousness.

And Morpheus’s message ends with: » But I can only show You the door. You are the one that has to walk through it. ”

So, You can opt for the path out from “invisible imprisonment”. 

The way out is only through the door to inner freedom, to higher consciousness. The decision is only Yours, through this “door” You have to walk alone.


When You live in consciousness of higher frequencies, You live sovereignly and do not respond to manipulations (which result from lower frequencies), in fact they do not reach you anymore. You are the creator of Your life.

Higher frequencies are at the same time the protection and the potential of human and humanity. This is the reason that this truth has been for millennia a strictly guarded secret of the ruling systems, because mankind is in a state of lower consciousness, the state of his “invisible imprisonment” a powerless and easy target for manipulation and depletion.

Mass (collective) consciousness

As we know, collective consciousness is the total potential of the impact of the consciousness of each individual. The current collective consciousness is still moving in the area of lower consciousness and we know that something is wrong with it.

It is necessary to know that:

-The higher the collective consciousness of mankind is- the greater the potential of security and general well-being is.

– High technology (from all areas) is safely used for the benefit of humanity only in the hands of higher consciousness; only in this case it evolves to serve humanity.

– High technology in the hands of lower consciousness is a devastating scenario for humanity; in this case, it develops to harm the individual and humanity in various way.

– The development of an unknown high technology is already taking place in secret laboratories around the world.

The Presence of Light within the humans is the only potential that can balance the purpose of using high technology to serve us for general well-being.

In fact, the future of mankind depends on the rise of the consciousness of each individual more than ever before. We are talking about the time “now” up to the next 15-30 years.

There is no place for ignorance and ridicule any more.

The use of Magic Plasma:

Magic Plasma dissolves blockades.

Magic Plasma is designed right for this crisis time, so you have the ability to do something big for Yourself and for humanity.

You can be a beginner or spiritually awakened, the rules of use are the same, You can only absorb those higher frequency codes that You currently need for Your Health and / or for Your Inner Development, i.e. for Your raising of consciousness.

Regular contact with Magic Plasma is required. Your cooperation is to keep “letting go” everything You do not need anymore in your life (illness, situation) without processing. The rest depends on how much You open up and how honest You are to Yourself.

It is safe, balanced, gradual and one of the shorter paths (not immediate) to free Yourself from the burdens of the past, to balance Your health, and gradually to open the higher (crystalline, Christ) multidimensional consciousness.

The Magic Plasma is essentially the “communicative” mediator that helps You to establish the natural state of “I Am” by perceiving the essence of the divine creation, that You realize that with Your inner passion (blue flame) You can create Your own life (you are no longer a programmed player), to “know” that You are the divine being “I Am” and that You also act from this source. That’s why You also feel Yourself as “I exist” as a passion for living on a higher level.

The Light of Consciousness, the joy of “I Am”, only the Presence; this is the magic of the new reality – a higher level of living in the lightweight New Energy, which is the joy and love of life and much more.



Realized  Enlightened Embodied Master


Shaumbras, The Pioneers of higher consciousness; Realized Enlightened Embodied Masters: We are here, for Standard, as Teachers, for balance in the world. In a softer way, we are bringing a new higher consciousness, a new reality if mankind wants to accept it.

“I walked” through the difficult and long way, I expand my consciousness, higher, deeper, broader, far, on the multiple levels, so that I now can offer something that will ease and shorten the way for other individuals who will follow themselves.

It is not a philosophy, it is not a believe system, it is not a religion; in fact it is the path to inner freedom through internal transformation. This is the way to the inner Light of higher consciousness, the way to live in the lightweight New Energy.


In consideration:

Nikola Tesla left us a message:  »If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.«

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