About Magic Plasma

Magic plasma is a “communicator” with the living stream of “Light with the New Energy” in the spectre of the highest frequencies of the higher consciousness, “uploaded” in the form of master codes that radiate to where we most need them, because “Light” as the divine intelligence works in accordance with the highest wisdom. Master codes are frequency keys that find and “melt blockages” in the human organism on all levels; physical, mental, and spiritual, and establish physical health and mental balance naturally. Master codes also open “new senses”, and gradually the alchemy of transformation into a higher consciousness happens.

Magic plasma also works as an internal guide, counsellor, and the bringer of messages.

About The Creator

Sonja Rifelj, I graduated on University in Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and  Geodetic Engineering, direction civil engineering, water structures. I live in Slovenia, and the obligations of my work and family were my priority. After a sudden spiritual breakthrough in 1988 with a clear content of information in the form of code curves and feeling an energy that a person wishes to live with each day I completely changed my outlook on life. I was also given the knowledge that I have a mission in raising consciousness on this planet and that I must realise that potential. I researched the meaning and explanation in spiritual literature, where I discovered only that I “was not alone”, that I belong in a spiritual family of the consciousness of Light, that I am Shaumbra*.