THE ACTIVATION and the way of using of Magic Plasma

THE ACTIVATION and the way of using of Magic Plasma

Magic Plasma is a kind of “stage” for the experience of higher consciousness. By activating the MP, You enter the state of higher frequencies of higher consciousness, absorb what You allow and need, You change within Yourself, You change something in Your life (later), if You choose so and if You allow the “old game” to go away. Magic Plasma works according to Your inner choice.

Once You activate it with Your consciousness, Your respectful attention and some deep conscious breaths and the inner permission for cooperation, the Magic Plasma comes to life and expands in all directions, the energy of Your body and the space changes to a higher level, a “safe space” is created. You might feel a slight undulation, warmth, or relaxation, or nothing, it is not important, it certainly works.

In the meantime, let Your mind rest and do not interfere with Your doubts and expectations. Get out of Your head!

During the treatment You can feel or remember an event from this or previous lives, do not stop the “movie” of seeing and feeling, breathe deeply and let it run to the end, and then “let it go”, without processing, only with some deep breaths.

Forgive Yourself and others if something bad happened in the past and You still feel the pain. Take some deep breaths to  release the old energy. After a while, You will feel a great deal of relief and liberation.

Sometimes You can feel a deep love or a deep peace between or after the treatment.

Even if You do not feel or “see”, it still works. Magic Plasma helps You to achieve deep forgiveness and relief in the deeper levels. Even if You do not feel anything at the beginning, you will later.

You can copy it and place your palms above or directly on the Magic Plasma, or keep it on the screen of your computer and observe it relaxed, or both at the same time. It is recommended to use it regularly at least 20 minutes a day, possibly longer. Take some deep breaths to  release the old energy at the end of every treatment.

It is necessary to drink a lot of clean water with lemon to more easily flush the impurities from the body, which the Magic Plasma eliminates from the cells.

Regular contact with Magic Plasma is required. Your cooperation is to keep “letting go” everything You do not need anymore in your life (illness, situation) without processing. The rest depends on how much You open up and how honest You are to Yourself.



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