Magic Plasma is created to raise consciousness, to treat at all levels to the source of the disease, for relaxation, for deep inner peace, to rejuvenate from the inside, to increase intuition, to expand the potentials, for clarity of vision, for the clarity of perception, for the clarity of the expanded mind , for the personal prosperity and riches of everyday life.

Magic Plasma has a naturally balanced effect on the user; each one first accepts only the content from the Magic Plasma, which is currently the most needed on the internal level.

Magic Plasma has a safe, lightly active natural impact on health, on the raising of consciousness and on human well-being. The results are gradual, but tangible and provable. Even when treatment with medical science was not successful, Magic Plasma in many cases helps, because it includes all higher natural potentials, only time and persistence are needed.

Magic Plasma also acts as your protection against the low-frequency radiation of your computer, cell phone, etc.

Magic Plasma works as the “subtle quantum dynamic connection” on multidimensional levels.

Magic Plasma is an advanced creation, so it is difficult to explain every detail in the holistic functioning.

Magic Plasma works perfectly, without any errors.



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because it establishes the physical health, psychological balance and raises consciousness in a NATURAL way


The Creator Of Magic Plasma

Sonja Rifelj, I graduated on University in Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, direction civil engineering, water structures. I live in Slovenia, and the obligations of my work and family were my priority. After a sudden spiritual breakthrough in 1988 with a clear content of information in the form of code curves and feeling an energy that a person wishes to live with each day I completely changed my outlook on life. I was also given the knowledge that I have a mission in raising consciousness on this planet and that I must realise that potential. I researched the meaning and explanation in spiritual literature, where I discovered only that I “was not alone”, that I belong in a spiritual family of the consciousness of Light, that I am Shaumbra…



Articles about Magic Plasma from the Creator

GENERAL, what and why?

Typical life on the planet has become hard, ruthless, anxious, »under pressure« ; because of hard work or lack of jobs, because of  monotonous routine, everyone has their own story. People fall into anxiety, depression and other diseases. They are trapped in the mind, without feeling themselves, trapped in a boredom, the same habits, the same empty entertainment, from day... read more

THE ACTIVATION and the way of using of Magic Plasma

Magic Plasma is a kind of "stage" for the experience of higher consciousness. By activating the MP, You enter the state of higher frequencies of higher consciousness, absorb what You allow and need, You change within Yourself, You change something in Your life (later), if You choose so and if You allow the "old game" to go away. Magic Plasma works according to... read more

HEALTH – the impact of Magic Plasma on health

The effect on health Fact: Each organ has its own frequency and each organ is connected to the other organs with the special mutual frequency. If all of these connections work on the correct undisturbed frequencies, the energy flows freely and health is flawless; if there are disturbances, illnesses occur. Magic Plasma provides to all organs with their own frequencies and thus stimulates the... read more


You perceive the higher consciousness through Your senses, not through Your mind. A human currently functions only with the five basic senses, such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste; and additionally with the mind and emotions, which are a false interpretation of mind for feelings. He is locked into this cage of 3D reality, so he lives on lower vibrations, and... read more

WHAT IS MAGIC PLASMA and how can serve You

Magic Plasma is a “communicator” with the living stream of “Light with the New Energy” in the spectre of the highest frequencies of the higher consciousness, “uploaded” in the form of master codes that radiate to where we most need them, because “Light” as the divine intelligence works in accordance with the highest wisdom. Master codes are frequency keys that... read more


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