WHAT IS MAGIC PLASMA and how can serve You

WHAT IS MAGIC PLASMA and how can serve You

Magic Plasma is a “communicator” with the living stream of “Light with the New Energy” in the spectre of the highest frequencies of the higher consciousness, “uploaded” in the form of master codes that radiate to where we most need them, because “Light” as the divine intelligence works in accordance with the highest wisdom.

Master codes are frequency keys that find and “melt blockages” in the human organism on all levels and establish physical health and mental balance naturally.   Master codes also open “new senses”, and gradually the alchemy of transformation into a higher consciousness happens.

Magic Plasma also works as an internal guide, counsellor, and the bringer of messages.

The working of the Magic Plasma: Cleaning “blockages” with Magic Plasma is essentially a rejuvenation of the body and spirit, healing on all levels and raising the level of consciousness, all at the same time.

Magic Plasma creates an internal balance on all levels, which is why there are no errors.  Abuse is impossible. Everyone can absorb only the spectre of the high frequencies that they need and can accept on an internal level in the given moment. In this way Your consciousness on an internal level “allows” for the departure of only the “blockages” that You no longer need in this moment, for which You “know” that they are impeding Your life.

Magic Plasma can also be used just for raising energy, relaxing, or for experiencing deep peace. It all works on a free, conscious decision of the user.

Magic Plasma operates beyond the mind, it works outside of any structure or system.

Magic Plasma acts as a healing therapy with the best spiritual healers and learning at the highest spiritual teachers; it is actually healing and learning with the Masters of Light.

With Magic Plasma, You can gradually open all Your new talents, potentials and creativity.

Magic Plasma can help You at work to maintain an expanded focus on some topic. For example : with  intuition and with the synchronicity of coincidences helps You to find the right information or the new idea, if you have it on the desk or on the computer screen.

Magic Plasma teaches You from within without words, You simply »know« and You trust in Yourself.

Gradually You get compassion and passion. Compassion – passion means to love Yourself and Your life. It is the inner strength to love Yourself as You are;” I Am that I Am, I exist”, Human and Divine.

Magic Plasma is  pure, simple and safe way to do something for Yourself.

Magic Plasma comes to You with compassion, with love and honor,  to transmute You on a higher level of living.



Realised Enlightened Embodied Master

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