HEALTH – the impact of Magic Plasma on health

HEALTH – the impact of Magic Plasma on health

The effect on health

Fact: Each organ has its own frequency and each organ is connected to the other organs with the special mutual frequency. If all of these connections work on the correct undisturbed frequencies, the energy flows freely and health is flawless; if there are disturbances, illnesses occur.

Magic Plasma provides to all organs with their own frequencies and thus stimulates the functioning of organs and regenerates them on the cellular level. It also provides the right frequencies for all communication between the organs that the human body can function in a healthy and balanced way.

Blockages are what we call all the disturbances in the energy system of the human: deep emotional wounds, traumas, hereditary illnesses and behavioral patterns of our ancestors, deep fears, distorted upbringing patterns and programmed convictions, initiation structural promises, vows, oaths, spells, harmful biological chips in viruses and vaccines, on all levels, physical and mental. Everyone has internal wounds from their present and all past reincarnations, we carry them inside Ourselves and they are a part of the human experience.

The consequences of blockages  is a disturbed balance of the immune system and mental condition. Poor flow of energy due to blockages is the cause of the emergence of diseases and the limited perception of the true reality.

Fact: We are all under the influence of encoding our genetic material – the labels that remained on Your DNA from previous generations. These imprints create real and tangible effects in Your life today.

We look at life through the filters of the old blockages (patterns, traumas etc.), so we live a life that is a “reaction” to the old past programmes. From this stems the feeling of being trapped into a repetition  of certain situations from generation to generation.

In addition to the physical similarity of our body, we also inherit the weak points of our organism, that is, the tendency to some diseases, and also hereditary diseases from previous generations.

We also inherit family patterns of thinking or feelings and family systems of beliefs about money and wealth, and the deserving wealth or living in scarcity.

We are caught in the “program” of our ancestors, we are trapped in response to our “program of karmic experiences” and recently also in the program of biological chips (virus vaccines) and other viruses.

With the Magic Plasma you can dissolve blockades gradually, one after another, each with its own step. Master codes reach the blockages that Your consciousness allows to erase from the body. Blockages are deleted at the level of DNA, forever, which means they are no longer transmitted to the next generation.

Some patterns of behavior or life situation in Your life can be very strong because they are usually  composed of a whole »chain« or “cluster” of blockades. It is necessary to dissolve each blockade separately, one after the other, to solve the problem comprehensively at all levels. So, time and perseverance are important.

After each individual dissolved blockade, the body needs some time to start functioning according to the new condition. In life, this is seen in the improvement in the area that was limited by this blockade, perhaps at the physical or mental level. For the complete solution of the chain or cluster blockades, which is the cause of a very big problem, it takes a lot of time and patience. The fact is, You can not overtake. Observe how the progressive changes are happening and allow the harmony of the frequencies of Magic Plasma to do its work to the end, in accordance with the divine intelligence.

For example: Addiction, the living situation of poverty, repetition of failures etc., is not a basic hereditary disease or behavioral pattern (blockage), but is usually the result of hereditary chain of blockages, which can be dissolved gradually,  one after the other, with Magic Plasma.

Great patience and perseverance required.
Every blockage in the body is unresolved bad karma and when activated, it brings physical  or psychic pain in a form of illness or bad unsolvable life situation.

When the blockage “dissolves” with Magic Plasma, You get rid of an unwanted life episode before it is activated.
Cleaning and dissolving the blockages with Magic Plasma is essentially the liberation from constraints conditioned in the past.

Cured past is the foundation of free life,  because freedom comes from within.

Magic Plasma melts the blockages in the energetic system of Your body and provides the right frequencies for each organ and the right frequencies for all the communication between the organs, so the energetic system can function flawlessly, so it can heal the sick body on all levels and maintains physical and mental health and/or eliminates some undesirable life situations. The path is gradual, perseverance is important.

Regular contact with Magic Plasma is required. Your cooperation is to keep “letting go” everything You do not need anymore in your life (illness, situation) without processing. The rest depends on how much You open up and how honest You are with Yourself.



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