You perceive the higher consciousness through Your senses, not through Your mind. A human currently functions only with the five basic senses, such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste; and additionally with the mind and emotions, which are a false interpretation of mind for feelings. He is locked into this cage of 3D reality, so he lives on lower vibrations, and tries to find a way out of the situation artificially with various substances that only deepen his hopeless condition.

But a human is a sensual creature, he has the potential for over 200 thousand senses; in addition to other smaller ones, love is the greatest sense. It is not necessary to master all, a few are enough to start sensing the expanded multidimensional reality, feel the colourfulness of the higher vibrations and the depth of life, these are the moments when You reconnect to Your true divine nature, with the “I Am, I exist”. Your new talents and potentials, as well as new life opportunities open. Life becomes  exciting, easy, attractive, magical, and simple again. And the best of all is that You become the creator of Your own life.

The higher consciousness works as a gravitational magnet for the “New energy”, which is easy, free, without structure, without patterns, gives the feeling of joy for life, is “alive”, playful, invokes the love for Self and others, empathy and grace, it cleans and maintains a healthy body and expands into the multidimensional extent; it opens the unlimited potential for creative realisation. It is spirit in motion.

The higher consciousness is the basis of every creation; it activates intuition and imagination, it opens and supports Your inner blue fire which is the core of Your creative realisation in the material world.

All together  works like a Light algorithm.

Algorithm basically means the flow, the pattern that gets to a certain outcome. But there is a Light algorithm, it is not like digital algorithm or scientific algorithm based on patterns.   The Light algorithm creates all of the circumstances that it seems to be by chance, even they are very complex, even if it involves a lot of other people. Suddenly there is a synchronicity of coincidences in Your life that leads to a final manifestation  of Your  deepest desires. You cannot control and You do not need to control how, where and when it will happen, but it will always be at the right time, in divine time.

The Light algorithm basically comes from deep inner passion and desire that creates  a stream of Light, a radiance of consciousness that goes out. It attracts, basically in this reality, different typs of energies and a kind of gravitational force that brings something or repels something. It has a tremendous influence on ultimate manifestation.


It is time for the Higher consciousness, a New consciousness on this planet.

Once You get free of some of these old blockadges and You open Your heart, it becomes an experience, a freeing liberating experience, You will start to understand how this all works. Not from a biological, scientific, but from the Light algorithm, and then suddenly You are in it. You are not outside of it.

It is a magic and simplicity of life and now it is not a mystery anymore how these things happen.

Many of You who read this will be in doubt as it goes beyond the mind. The mind has very limited capacity. The mind, the ego, does not think outside of itself. Human mind is locked in itself. If You open Your mind and listen to Your heart, You can make a big step further. When the mind opens, it becomes more flexible, the higher consciousness is gradually assumed as the new dimension of perception of the world.

Mass consciousness of humanity is a heavy old dense structured energy that contains all the problems, manipulations, power games, hypnosis, drama, pain, tragedy, aggression, illusions, lies, all in all that burdens and pulls down due to low vibrations. At this level, human is the target of manipulations, which has been happening for thousands of years.

From this difficult reality within collective consciousness  You can only step out by raising frequencies within Yourself. When You gradually transform Yourself into a person with higher consciousness  who feels a multidimensional reality, You are the creator of Your life. Manipulations and drama of lower collective consciousness can not reach You anymore.

With this understanding, you know that there is no need to fight in order to change the world, it is enough, “to allow” Yourself to change your own reality. The world itself changes potentially according to the number of people with internal transformation.

In the consciousness of the higher frequencies You live sovereignly, You trust Yourself, You have self-respect  and a healthy self-esteem, You feel the inner strength, freedom, and the love of the Self. You become the creator of Your own life. 

The higher frequencies are the human protection and potential, which for millennia has been a strictly guarded secret of the ruling systems that manipulate mankind.

With Magic Plasma You raise the level of Your consciousness; the path is gradual, but you can achieve it through perseverance.



Realised Enlightened Embodied Master

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